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Robert Detman

-New Writing (UK)

"A persuasive narrative voice similar to John Banville and Paul Auster."

(on "The Watch")

-The King's English

"The closest experience one can have to what it is actually like to write like Nabokov."

(on "Dim Conflagration")

(on "Seven Dreams Under the Knife")

"You have generated a lot of discussion among our pool of readers."

-American Short Fiction


"Mesmerizing. Wonderful writing and material."

(on "Under the Suns of a Million Everests")

"A very good story. . . it felt like good journalism."


(on "What We Have Seen Waiting for the War to End")


Nomadic Press :

"Shortly through the second part entitled "Memory," Detman’s writing style and skill at storytelling explode viciously . . . I became totally absorbed . . .This is a novel that will stick with you because of its poetical means of exploring the human condition and Detman's uncanny ability to weave beautiful, and haunting, imagery."


Publishers Weekly :

"Detman pulls together various forms and styles in an ambitious novel composed of transcripts, letters, and footnotes, told in sharp prose. [...] The best scenes focus on the intimate details and relationships between the characters. Detman's stylistic choices succeed in the moments when Harry's memories and Basher's documents blur into the present, layering various methods of storytelling to create a fresh and intriguing work."


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"His arm grows numb. He extends his fingers as a pleasant chill spreads down one side of his body, then down the other. He is sure he is passing out. He is submerged. The shot bolts through him. The word insignificant echoes from nowhere. He wrenches, tenses, until he can’t feel anymore.

Gem speaks, and Harry turns to face him, but he can’t understand the words."

"Before the snow pack hindered him, gently even, and sucked him in like a wave, he began his reckoning. His twisted ankle sent him off the ice shelf into the house deep snows where a silence unlike anything he’s ever known, reigns."


Robert Detman has published short fiction, essays, and book reviews in over fifty publications. In print, these include Antioch Review, Pleiades, Santa Monica Review, Southeast Review, and The Southampton Review. Among fine online literary journals, his work has appeared in Akashic Books Thursdaze, Decomp, ElimaeFjords Review, Juked, Newfound, New Orleans Review, Spork Press, The Smart Set, Word Riot, and others. His short stories have been finalists for the New Letters Literary Awards and nominated for the Best of the Net . A story collection, The Survivor’s Guide, was a semifinalist for the Hudson Prize from Black Lawrence Press. As well, he has written journalism for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Yahoo!. He is a regular contributor to Rain Taxi Review of Books and the Superstition Review Blog. He has attended writing conferences at the Abroad Writers’ Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, working with novelist Chris Abani, and, most recently, at the Virginia Quarterly Review, working with Amy Hempel. He received an MFA from Goddard College, and holds a degree in architecture from the University of Michigan.

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[new and forthcoming]

The Tusculum Review  "The Miseducation of an Architect"

[selected print fiction]

The Southampton Review

Vol. XIII, Issue 25


Antioch Review

Vol. 70, No. 1

"Under the Suns

of a

Million Everests"

Santa Monica Review

Fall 2008

"This is America"


Evergreen Review

No. 115

"It Was a Tree

That Saved Me"

[fiction, etcetera]

The Write Launch “Annapurna” 

Timber Journal  "Social(ly) Media(ted) Diptych"

Malarkey Books / Derelict Lit “What You Catch a Glimpse of, Forget as Soon” 

Akashic Books Thursdaze  "First Time, Last Time"

Decomp Magazine  “Building the Perfect Wings"   [Nominee, 2016 Best of the Net]

Elimae “Synchronicity”

JMWW "Survey"

Juked  "Domestic Triptych"

Spork Press “Three Stories: Ejection Seat, Shine, Ski Patrol”

Superstition Review "Fire"   [Finalist, 2007 New Letters Literary Awards]

The Homestead Review  "What We Have Seen Waiting for the War to End"

          [Finalist, 2008 New Letters Literary Awards]

WordRiot  “Change/Irreparable/Kinematics"

Bitterzoet  "Ministrations of the Father"

Burningword Literary Journal  "Object / Multiple Singularities / Be Here Now"

Crack The Spine "Reversal" 

Driftwood  “The Watch”

Em: A Review of Text and Image  “Anger Management”

Eyeshot "Our Satellite Problem” 

Gravel Magazine  The Other Animals"

Glint Literary Journal  “Abandoned” 

Haarp / Hexagon Press  “Of Kafka"

Literary Orphans  “The Trials of the Father”

Pitkin Revew “Harry Obscured” 

Sein und Werden "Cogitations on Self"

Snow Monkey  “Seven Dreams Under the Knife” 

S/Word  "Cyclical" and "Methodology of Protest"
The Bacon Review  “Storage Room"

The Greensilk Journal  “Smell the Coffee”

The Higgs Weldon  "Kim Jong-un's Unread E-mails"

21 Stars Review and Anthology “What You Catch a Glimpse of, Forget As Soon” 

[selected print essays and reviews]

The Southeast Review

No. 31.1

"Magic Hours"

Pleiades Book Review

Vol. 15, No. 1

"The Brand

New Catastrophe"

Kitchen Sink Magazine

Vol. 3, Issue 1

"The Amorphous Writing Community"

Rain Taxi

Vol. 20, No. 1

"Preparation for the Next Life"

[essays, reviews and interview]

The Smart Set  "Lost in Drawing: Misadventures in Deconstruction"

Tupelo Quarterly  "The Novel as Metaphor" 

Draft: The Journal of Process  "False Memoir, True Fiction: The Slippery Slope" 

Fjords Review  "Verse for the Averse"  

Fiction Southeast  "Be Proud, Be Brave, Aspire!" 

Newfound "Writing Contra Technology" 

New Orleans Review  Everything We Don't Know 

Wisdom of the West “The Detman Files”  Interview

New City Weekly Hand to Mouth 

Nomadic Press  Einstein’s Beach House 

                       The Wallcreeper 

Rain Taxi  Sunland 

                  The Flame Alphabet 

                  There’s a Road to Everywhere Except Where You Came From 

                  West of Here 

                  A Thousand Deaths Plus One 

                  Vain Art of the Fugue 

Review 31  "Beyond Good and Evil" 

România Literarã Foundation Vain Art of the Fugue

Superstition Review Blog "The Necessity of Writing (and Reading)"

                                            "Letter from Japan: On Not Knowing" 

                                            "The Real Risk is Writing" 

                                            "From Journal into Blog: Seven Years of Writing on Writing" 
The King's English “Dim Conflagration”

Trop Magazine "Schadenfreude Unlimited!" and  "Existentialisms"


The Hudson Prize, Black Lawrence Press, 2013 "The Survivor’s Guide (Stories)"  Semi-finalist
Abroad Writers' Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand Fellowship Award

The Virginia Quarterly Review Writers Conference Participant


"In his bright glasses every word is inches away, overwhelming. Sometimes her words are magnified, too. As if he’s speeding up, at the edge of the universe, ever expanding. As if aware now of what he didn’t know that he wanted. The brief rain rapping the windows, bills paid in full, a seat on a never empty bus."


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